Team Balance

Elijah Dement 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 13

There is a big problem with teams being stacked unfairly. It is not uncommon for me to play against a team with three times more people against me. There should be a feature where once a certain percentage of unbalance is achieved, the teams balance automagically, so the gameplay is more fair. 


I agree, sometimes one team have 90% of all players which make the game very hard for the opposing team. Sometimes i balances teams with yetis but this works only when i'm online xD


3 times in my life (last was 1 month ago) I joined room with 100% grey people. No chocolate people! =D

I thought this was already in because when i press brown i go in to gray team. Now i see its a bug.

NOW you see it is a bug? i hated it so much because i  dont want to be in the UNBALANCED team so i always pressed brown.


This needs to be implemented


Oh thank you for bumping this post. You should be castrated for this. And by the way this was Implemented a long while ago( when you chose a team you would be switched to the other team)

Ok,don't be so gross,castrating,rly?

YAS, let's start


Count me in. *pops knuckles*

im bringing the tools