Variants for weapons and others

lordxalasa 4 years ago updated by Poke Hano 4 years ago 8

HERE IT IS THE VARIANTS modificate your weapon a little for some gold !!!!!

variants will lets you get a different skill for your weapon or different form!

some variants skill ideas.

For axe:you throw your axe like a boomerang dealing 3damage cooldown 12seconds.

For hammer: you uppercut whit your hammer and knockback and stun you enemy! Damage:2 cooldown:10sec.

For sword:BURN your foes whit this enchantement fromt he legendary phoenix your sword will add a burning effect deal 1damage per sec 3time! (cant kill bueuue)cooldown 15seconds.

Again for sword:reinforcement from japan as arrived bring your Katana and slash your enemies

you stun your enemies and slash him 5 times dealling 5damage WATCH OUT if your enemy block you take 3damage and lose your weapon(vrngh)cooldown: 20seconds(inspired from fire emblem where there is a technique which lets you hit 5time whit 50% of your damage).
For bow:japan have different bow from britain they got yumis you will shoot are very solid arrow that ricochet whit walls and mountain deal 1extra damage per ricochet (no extra damge limit)cooldown 10seconds damage are same as a normal shot.

for wand:Mage from volcano are here change your element for wand and fire a big fireball dealing 3 damage (charge attack time too charge  ) or make a fire ring! cooldown 15seconds.

For claws:no idea (bueueu).

For spear:PIERCE your foes! you charge and pierces enemies (actually ignore shield and dont worry you can still pass trought the pallisade vrngh)cooldown:same as spear actual skill damage 2

THANKS for reading all! writen this whit a broken arm bueueu

LORD xalasa


so quick but so large...(dont be perverted beings) ITS PERFECTION INCARNATED! +1


Heres the thing, adding these little additions will take tons of time, and will make the weapons system unbalanced, slightly pay to win.

Although the current weapons aren't perfectly balanced, the axe can still be used to win battles. It has advantages and disadvantages, a different weapon than the hammer or sword. Adding these boosts will make one axe more powerful than another, making recognizing abilities more difficult. Instead, these special variants could be made into new weapons.

actually its not adding boost its changing

so like the yumi it wont shoot a fire arrow but an arrow that ricochet


Thanks for giving idea to my head. It's really hard to do it. ;)

Nice, but some seem a little bit OP. +1

+i tried too make variants power equal too original

Personally I feel it would be to unblanced