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sushisling3r 7 years ago updated by savage doge 7 years ago 8

could we add skins to boots?

now I know skins in boots would provide little in changing your appearance but this could be more centered around buffs.

here are some examples:

-brown/gray/black boot: does nothing (color depends on the team you choose)

-swirly cloud boot: increased movement speed; is upgradeable to have more movement speed buffs.

5%/10%/15% speed buff  cost: 2500 (3000 first upgrade price, 5000 for last upgrade price)

-ninja tabi boots/jumper boots: highers jumping distance and makes jumps last longer.  can also jump up mountains   cost: 5000

-gold boots: just like the normal boots but highers gold collection rate 1  gold for every 10 gold you collect also extends the gold limit to 1000  cost: 4000

-bone/slayer boots: just like the normal boots but highers bone collection rate. 1 bone for every 5 bones you collect. also, gains 1 hp for every 5 bones you collect and automatically gains 1 score after a kill regardless whether or not the kill is yours.(kinda a white colour dotted with red/blood)


- rainbow boots:  everything above combined into one (expect for the normal boots) has an animated rainbow effect  cost: 20000 + the upgrade price for the cloud boots

s'more self-advertising:

here's the link to the other post:


I think if these 2 aspects were implemented into the game they would go well with each other

idk man, rez has been ignoring upgrades this whole time

Under review

Ignoring is not the word - it is my deliberate choice that the game has no levelable elements. This is because wilds.io is a skill based battle arena game - like Unreal Tournament - not an RPG. I am considering making a separate mode with game-time upgrades like in diep.io or any DOTA clone - as in you get temporary upgrades during the gameplay time.


I think Rezoner has been trying to avoid making the game pay2win or farm2win. Expensive but permanent buffs in the form of boots would discourage new players from joining (their character is much weaker than the characters of long-term players) and would make existing players to leave (I mean, no one likes pay2win systems). Weapons right now are great as is; they enable a long-term player to have extra fun by playing different weapon types, but they don't give a massive advantage to long-term players. Boots, on the other hand...

would be nice, like add some sprinting (trainers)