New monsters!

werewolf 7 years ago updated by savage doge 7 years ago 3

Okay so these are some awesome monster ideas i came up with. I have tried to come up with images for them all:


this is the wolf. it would be even faster than goblin and take 4 hits to kill. it would charge you then dodge your attacks close range with claws. its claws would deal 1/6 damage. when killed the wolf would release 2-3 bones and 4-5 health orbs.


this is a link to one of executors huge topic's the picture is in the beginning of the topics though. i couldn't copy the image for some reason. i would recommend looking at it.


the giants could have three times the health of the yetis. they would be the speed of a player. there attacks effect a huge area knock over and are unblock able. but players could dodge them  with roll as the attacks take ages to smash into the ground. on block players would take half damage.


the troll would just be a green yeti which spawns goblins to help it. it would look the little less fat and more human like.


they would be like players in Black wearing black clothes with smaller skull hat. they would act like normal bots but could be spawned when player is killed by another skeleton. every 2 minutes an extra random one would appear on the map anyway.

Did you make the wolf? And verify on forums to see if this post has already been made

also skeletons would have the weapon of the player they kill.

wolfs look awesome to me