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Current bug list (update)

Moms Spaghetti 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 12

Here is a list of the most obvious/important bugs that came with the new update. Thanks to the training camp people for testing!


-Rendering issues; tiles render after a delay once it enters the view frame
-In melee mode, you can collect gold past the gold limit
-some players experience an issue where only a blank map appears on the homescreen UI with an unusable PLAY button
-dying clones count as kills in arena
-after selecting bow in the shop and defaulting to axe in melee, and you respawn, bow gets equipped
-practice links do not work

-(not sure if bug) when falling/jumping onto spikes from a raised platform, the spikes do not get triggered

*this mode the a -> the core of wilds.io
*emphasize * on -> remove* close combat
*you can win or loose -> lose some gold (same with football)
*meele -> melee(edited)

Plz fix the play button

Also has the member tab bug in the guild panel.

wow that's grammatically correct

Under review

Except play button on some computers I think I have fixed it all

On pvp still occur bug and i can't join properly to pvp match. When i try join, my game freeze.

Here is my console after i tried join to pvp match (i used guest account).

i tried join to pvp 4 times, and always i got this bug.


Console screenshots really helps.
I can tell that when QuickSand (aka Pit) is leaving the view something wrong is going on.Also when you go from one game mode to another all entities leave view so they can stop the sound.

Yup - it's the sound - what's happening is that QuickSand has never entered the view - so the sound loop never started to play - but when you go to another match the leaveview() is called and it tries to stop non existing sound - everything that should be executed after that point gets borked.

And a quick fix

And that's how fixing bugs look like ... except this one difficulty is 1 / 10 - which is almost never the case :P

stop hacking this game

Scares me a little lol

Dude we had so many more bugs, might as well list em here:

Bombs don't blow up on impact with an enemy anymore
Items can get stuck on palisades and mountain ridges
Sometimes a corpse will get up for a split second and fall back down
Spikes don't always work
Your corpse can collect bones after death
When your opponent respawns in training, if you step right where they spawn, it hurts you
The voice announcer says "Nice Throw" when you kill someone with bow
Sometimes charged attack won't work even with stamina
When you get a mystery box, your clones don't get the weapon
But they mimic all attacks with the weapon you got from the box
Goblins can sorta walk over mountains
When you throw a knife off the hill the health of the enemy getting hit doesn't go down straight away. Sometimes it doesn't effect them at all.
When throwing an item off of a mountain, you can't throw it off at the very edge
Clones don't die immediately after you die
Rope can be used on any special. I thought it was only explosives?
Items can be off center on pedestals
Worms can get stuck
When in practice, if a bot has a weapon and rolls into the border, the weapon animation freaks out
When switching tabs, sounds can loop
When a sword user uses their special and is caught by a rope, the special still continues but there is no animation
Using a link from some1 doesn't work right now
Those are all the ones I found anyway

Not all of those are necessarily bugs:

"Bombs don't blow up on impact with an enemy anymore" - Perhaps Rezoner changed it to nerf them.

"Spikes don't always work" - What do you mean? If you mean they don't work when you only walk over them, that's how they were designed. If you mean they don't work when they should (e.g. when jumping, rolling, running, etc on them), then it'd help if you could specify what circumstances specifically they don't work in.

"When your opponent respawns in training, if you step right where they spawn, it hurts you" - Well, they hit you as they spawned.

"Sometimes charged attack won't work even with stamina" - When you don't have enough stamina to fully charge a charged attack, the charged attack won't execute. Rezoner did this to resolve a previous bug where charged attacks could be used to make the user have negative stamina.

"Rope can be used on any special. I thought it was only explosives?" - Not necessarily a bug. What's wrong with ropes affecting specials?

"Worms can get stuck" - What do you mean by stuck? I can think of at least one circumstance where the worm can get stuck but not because of a bug.