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Omg, the lag was bad enough before the update. It was lag but it was playable lag, not too bad, sometimes choppy but still, playable most of the time.

The update came out and honestly its not even playable anymore, my character freezes for 5 seconds sometimes and then I'm dead, it runs when I kick, I moon walk, people teleport slightly. Honestly I don't even know what to do. My computer isn't bad, and I have good internet connection. However I do live in Ireland, so maybe the ping?

I am not sure. However as much as I like the game I really have to ask. Will there be better servers? (ones that hold more people, I have tried hosting servers before so not having enough ram or something can be an issue, however I am not sure if it is in this case), or more servers like in the UK or something (if the ping really is the issue).

I hear players complaining about lag all the time, so I was curious.

I really like the game, keep up the good work but please fix the lag is you can <3

Thanks for reading this!

When i hear word "lag" my hands start shaking... xD

Sorry to hear that, I know that feeling. I have tried making games as a hobby. Inefficient scripting, too much parts in the game.. It really is annoying. Hope every thing goes well for you!

It's probably because of the update. Every1 lags a little after an update, it'll go away in 2-3 days


when ever someone complains about lag, i smhsh (shake my head so hard)

its because of your

1. Location/server

2. cpu performance

3. slow cpu input/output

THatS it