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Arena needs to change.

Moms Spaghetti 2 years ago • updated by Storm Crow 2 years ago 17

I've seen screenshots and I have played arena a few times myself - I am sorry but I do not like this arena update at all. As me and most of the people I've talked to agree, these new arena maps no longer reward skill, but only the skill in "timing when to jab your spear at the right time for an instakill". 

No need for a long post because I already explained everything that I wanted HERE What we want is non-intrusive maps that make the experience nicer and more scenic, not change the arena gameplay altogether.

Please either revert the arena back to normal, or make the maps something like I proposed.

new arena #best

K then add ifram to the list


i miss arena, especially 3v3


ctf wasnt all THAT bad, I hope it come back ;(

Ctf is coming back soon and better!

Under review

As long as I appreciate your proposals - they are all variations of empty desert - I mean these elements don't bring any mechanics to the arena other than visual diversity - as I always do in such controversial subjects I will let data decide - if analytics show that Arena is being played more than before I will keep the changes - otherwise I will reduce it to visuals as you propose - does it sound fair to you?

I agree with this. Me and spag spoke about this and discord but its clear you didnt listen. Aswell there are a lot of pros to this its just that the community is to lazy to come up with strategies to combat in the maps. They can be used to both players adavantage equally they do not need to be removed.

And to Poke: No I dont agree with that, we all know he listens to the players - hence his comment above on some random kid's post, but I thought that it was clear that people wanted unintrusive maps from the popularity my post got. But then again, there is nothing that supports my opinion more than the data just like he said. And to that, sure people will think of ways to use the map skillfully but would you really want to trade that in for all the skills and the combat mechanics we have gotten used to? Im pretty sure there is much more depth to normal one on one combat that trying to knock people over for instakills. 

are you his boss? he doesnt have to listen to your ragamuffin ass

Yes, perfectly - but something else to note is that the new map wont be the only factor involved in determining the number of players on, so I wont put put all trust on it. And if it turns out that more people like the new maps thats fine but would it be possible to add more options for practice modes like turning off items? I have found that higher ranked players, pretty much everyone that has voiced their opinion: (Me, Legion, Rezak, Darkvenet, Claudia) have all agreed that the new maps are NOT good for measuring skill, so an alternative for no-lifers like us would be great.

I AGREE 100 PERCENT. The map with the pit uses almost no skill, unless you count you spending fifteen minutes trying to corner your opponent a skill. The pit REALLY promotes running away and if you get an enemy with a spear, then you're totally screwed. 

I have greatly diminished hazards of each map. Check out the screenshots http://imgur.com/a/JYIsc

Looks great, I think this will work fine

Yay Something which we can both agree onD:D:D::D

Uhh...I like the map with the rocks in the center(1st screenshot) way more than the old pit in the center...but...if I can ask this one small thing...can you place the rocks somewhere not in the very center? My problem is that placing an obstacle there makes it much easier to run away. If you're fighting a less skilled player than you, all they need to do is keep the rocks between you and them, and the game lasts 3 times as long. I had this experience with the pit. I fought some kid for twenty minutes just because he was running away and I had to try to catch him. It was the most frustrating experience I've ever been through while playing wilds, and eventually I just told him to kill me because I needed to get off and do other stuff. At least with the pit in the center you can jump over it. Please take this long comment into account. All the other maps look great.