Bone position rewarded with gold too

Dead Wolf 4 years ago updated by werewolf 4 years ago 12

Ok rez added mechanics to earn gold according your position, get rank in soccer and in arena is hard sometimes but get bones is hard too in my opinion rez need add reward for bone position because is hard and shows the time or how much you play in the game

+2 ooops i cant


one bone for one gold?

lol op as hell.

I have 3000k or 5k gold then

I will gain 3k to 4k gold then I think

1 bone = 1 gold? lol


More like 10 bones = 1 gold coin

i have probable 60000 gold now xD

I need to split 59000 by 150 to arrive at a satisfactory daily value 390 gold or less


how about this. so like the arena battles and stuff you gain 3 coins per bone level per day.