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Meele, not meele... I'm feeling idiot.

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 12

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I'm tired of this paint, you can see this guy without pointing him... I went to meele mode to see it, and I saw guy with ICE STAFF. I see I'm not the first one who report this bug, and I hope you will repair it, Rez.

PS. Don't destroy Very Seal for insulting you, Rez XD

support why are you guys disliking this?


Hater's work is to hate EVERYTHING and don't explain why :D

i also saw lizards run the government with a staff but i didnt cared cuz i made him ragequit xD

also D SIMON CON ACHA also had a staff

Damn, we could meet in. I lost free bones from you xD

wot free bones?

I also noticed other bug - in meele R is not working! You failed to use special attack. Results: Roll/Kick. Try again.

1. Set your weapon used now to Staff/Bow.

2. Get to game. You will spawn with axe.

3. Die.

4. Respawn. Results are on screenshot :D

you're not the only one that saw people with staff....same here

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I think it was only working for 5 minutes after the update but you have managed to make it an all day topic out of that :P Prove me wrong but I cannot enter meele mode with bow or staff.

You have to set into staff, die once and Ta Da.