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Invincibility bug.

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 7

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Black guy. Thadood. 141 bones. How he did get them? Because this guy engaged invincibility bug. He is going only in one direction - into palisade. Nothing is working to kill him. I want that glitch too!

I've seen this bug several times

i already reported this


Ukryty same happend to "the gamer king" and a one dude from Germany named "Bilbo"...

But the glitch only happens to bots who left the game D:

Yeah, I noticed this too - this guy after 10 minutes turned off Drunk Man Mode and was playing like a bot. He was rolling through my shield and not knocking down and not dealing damage, same with kick. Only his sword was dealing damage.

Under review

Well we have to find out what triggers that :|

We know that glitch is working only on bots or player-bots. I suggest search for it in their system or how is it named :D

In last days this bug occur quite often. I think when someone left from the game, his bot rarely catch bug with immortality. But it's rare and hard find reason.