Probable newbie system

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(It's a radical idea and it can make a lof of things happen, so i want them to report some problems if have and i want you opinion too)

(*if downvote says why*)

Hello today I bring an idea a little different from the others, this idea came about because I have certain Brazilian friends with difficulty in relation to the game (goal, save progress registering and how to play) first thing who not remember that wave of brazilians  she disappeared so fast in 3 days 150 players disappeared possibly because they did not know the purpose of the game, they did not know how to play and nor register because the majority is child they still do not have social network even being a battle game I no see any blood particle, that's where my idea came from.

- Add the mandatory registration just by giving nickname and password and reward if it is to register with social networks example register with facebook and earn 500 coins I think this could improve in some way something else is the tutorial it has to be more basic being able to show up the objectives of the game some of my friends had difficulty learning to play because of the command neither knew how to use nor how to change.

its this or obligatory tutorial


500 coins a lot (1 like)

Ok I'm bumping this! why?

Today I found 4 brazilians new players, trying to help i asked to them to register and i asked social networks to train them explains the basics of the game and invite to tribe.

But of the 4 that I found, the age was between 10 - 11 they did not know how to play and register, they said that the game is bad and confuse. im my opinion something should be done, It may be something different from my idea.

bruh im 11 and i know how to play and register.

dont lie ._.

Maybe the first few days they play wilds.io, they can have access to all the gear in the armory?


This is not good idea in io game, because when they Lost all weapons, players can leave from game. Better idea is tutorial, and when he finish it, he will be rewarded with gold or something. Also easy achievements with tips can works good. Like "kick enemy with right mouse button" and so on. 


Was to have illustrative images in the tutorial not everyone speaks English

Example kick pressing right button of the mouse and this image apear


Good idea to help deal with Galactus... XD


Yeah, this is also good idea.

i started playing the game when i was 12 and i knew how to register XD

xD lol i said 10-11

Just one-two years and they will know how to register! I'm proud of them.