Update the mage video?

savage doge 2 years ago • updated by Ukryty 2 years ago 10

When i went to view all the weapons, I saw that the mage video had a blue laser or something like that, i never seen a blue laser coming from the wand so i think it needs more updating :)

Here's a screenshot:

As you see, the Ice mage bursts lasers out of the wand, i thought it shoots like some ice bullets or something like that.

If you dislike it, comment what you dislike about


i think its going to be changed but its owners choice (thumbs up)

oh the irony

need update all videos xd

(no for claws and spear)

Axe also not need be updated :p 

Most important is bow and wand movies because they show old mechanics.

Yeah. Definitely the wand and bow

Also that shooting from ice wand is at now looking... weird.

His name is JOHN CENA!!!

Well my doge friend i dunno buti think it wont be added ,cuz Rezoner forgets about everything and he forgot about the Shaman thingy mc doodler...

Shut up!... *whispers* He hear ya.. :D