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I came to present an idea ...

It deals with mini-moderators inside the game,
 the guardians would be mini-moderators with the command to mutate
 a player for 60s or report the player, the guardians would be to clean
 the spam or to report players who abuse the bugs that are in the game.



Phroenix players who abuse the bugs really? To be honest I dont see this working its easily abusable to be honest. In my opinion I see no need for moderators in wilds.io Its pretty ok for now there are a few occasions but thats shut down quickly.

Friend, I do not know if you know another player
 called Lobito can bugs the tree and can get infinite wood,
 and he still receives help from other players.
What's more, rezoner does not have much time to deal
 with bugs or players, have you seen how many ideas are in progress?

First off stop with the needless format. Two Rezoner has shut down many players who are irresponsible regardless if you wanted to actually help why didnt you report this bug?  Besides theres no need for another icon just cause there are other icons doesnt mean there needs to be another one. To be honest it isnt needed.


Nah, I actually like this idea, if you are talking about in-game moderators. The chat bot is way too strict. Rez can make trusted people mini-moderators. Check out a related idea here: http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3003-edit-the-chat/ 

Yeah, Thank you for

No. Then unless the people that get this badge are perfectly trustworthy and their idea of the game reflect's rezoners idea of the game perfectly, people WILL abuse it and that is just one more thing for rezoner to worry about.

Here is easy way for solve problem with rude peoples in game - just report them on userecho with proof like screenshot. 

I think that this system is like the same exact one from Minecraft. Honestly just report them with evidence.