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Zoom Bar

Bigness 7 years ago updated by J4sh1n 7 years ago 9

Most people know about ctrl- and ctrl+, but a lot of newer players don't know how to zoom in and out for a better view. The current default zoom is way too hard to see with, so there should be a feature in our faces to allow us to zoom.

Image 1325

It should be to the the left of the screen, under fullscreen, ensuring it won't hinder vision. (Sorry for the bad representation). The top bar represents 150% zoom, the middle is the default 100%, and the bottom is 50%. It can be slider-style. Thanks for reading!

google voice: this page does not exists

me: What

google voice: this page does not exists

me: Hey hey hey!! What?! I created this topic! This exists! You... (going back to wilds.userecho automatically)


still prefer taking advantage of noobs who dont know about this :P


Under review

the only reason it's not there is because zooming camera causes glitches between tiles, which does not appear when using browser internal zoom (ctrl + / -)


Good idea.

it might be hard to zoom in and out on some computers/devices.

gotta hate bigness for exposing this


It's already been exposed by multiple people