Survival mode ideas

Maldar 7 years ago updated by THE_LORD_OF_FERRETS 7 years ago 8


Two forts and space for looting

2)The time cycle

Many topics was created about it


The Campfire should be burn or players will be die


Yes, add the hunger (in this mode)


Maybe at winter map if you are not at campfire, you lose 0.5 hp per sec by cold heat...?

This is approaching starve.io...

Exactly. Like hunger? Come on this is not some Minecraft game. The only point of this game is to fight and become king. Adding a survival thing will make the game to complex, and new players will probably quit after a short time. We need more players.

I mean add this features into separate mode

I like small survival/crafting in game but too much of it can change this game so much. 

Im saying add this mechanics just in one mode


I think survival aspects and fighting aspects should be two different gamemodes, for example goblins, fire, etc

It seems to me like it would be better to make a complete separate survival game, not just a gamemode.