A tool for king hunters:

Bigness 7 years ago updated by Dziewczynka 7 years ago 8

Hi y'all! Although I'm not a king hunter myself, I see a problem when you look for the king, only to discover he is on your team. I say the king's crown should be inlay-ed with gemstones. Emerald for friendly, ruby for enemy:

Image 1305

Image 1304

Expanded view:

Image 1306

Image 1307


Now that I look at it, it looks disgusting -_-.

You not must use big amount of colours in such small icon. Simple black outline can looks better. Generally i like it :3

Oh, RIP. I'll remake it.

Wait, I forgot! Another idea about the chat. Spam warning should be issued on the 5th repeated message, not the 2nd. It sucks when friends are saying bye to each other and they get striked. Also set a character limit. And no pasted words.

that would be really helpful

There's a way to be sure the king is your enemy - Join black (NONE) team!

There could be a crown like this above the nickname ^^