Swamp 1v1 Map/ Big Map

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So a week or two ago @rezoner I saw you talking about 1v1 mini maps.

So Rezoner I decided to help and give an idea. How about we add a swamp map?

Here is the map 1v1 map I made it has grass tiles etc which I will talk about later.

So why is this a good thing to add into the game?

Well to start off Rezoner you said you wanted mini maps so you always play on a different environment (unless I intrepreted it wrong). Furthermore its a much different map then ruins and it adds contrast i suppose and in my opinion it meets your guidelines. Aswell I have asked players on discord on what there thoughts are and all agreed that it would be worthwhile to put into the game. Some of these people include Mom Spaghetti and Egzekutor. Aswell Mom Spaghetti Egzekutor and Dark Venet helped with suggestions etc so shoutout to them.

Lets talk about whats in the map :D


This is actually the original tree that rezoner has I retextured it and gave it vines to be more similar to the tile I made for the map. By the way it is a swamp map/ruinish. Aswell Egzekutor had pointed out issues with lighting on the tree so thanks


These rocks were also retextured to fit more into the map. They are green cause of the moss and stuff.

Sand Pit/Grass Pit

This pit Is infact a retexture (;)) it has green and stuff...

Lily pad

This I made myself with some help from Egzekutor who pointed out mistakes in design etc. It took a while to make the lily pad I tried doing a lotus on top But I failed. Aswell i lowered the size of it on paint for it to fit in more but I still put some there cause there are big and small lilypads in the world.

Flower/Lotus Flower?

It took many trys to get this one straight and I did this I believe is the last one of the things I used in my 1v1 map.

This is the Big map that I made aswell heres a tile set. Shoutout to Mom Spaghetti because I wouldve forgotten this otherwise thank you!

Here is the grand tile set along with the Grass Tile that I created.


Thank you for reading this very long post. @Rezoner I hope you take my idea into consideration I worked for a long time on it. So thank you for reading this LONG post. Have a good day if you dislike please say why. (Thank you to Egzekutor and Mom Spaghetti for helping me) Have a good day bye!


Dude those sprites look sick

Just fix flowers and lily pads

TRIGGERED whats wrong with them to be honest?

How do you like dem apples?

I was talking about the pinkish one...


New biomes would be nice

I may make a Volcano Map idk if rez sees this then I will but if he doesnt ill just assume he doesnt want help

More than volcano i would like saw forest or winter biome. This fit to barbarian style. Also big meadow with river, wooden camps etc. can looks good.

Ok hmm idk if rez notices me I will make an attempt (notice me senpai please)


well i did make this one A LONG TIME AGO

idk ill try and make a wooden bridge or something if there was water here it would look nice

How wood the camps be like small or big?

Medium sounds good :D

I started with water Im gonna work on a bridge


this is an idea that doesnt need to be bumped


Thanks for bumping it doge

Yup good job I still dont understand why people dislike and cant say why. meh its sad


Well don't care about it. Public rating is something what is hard to recognize. Remember, making sprites you train with pixels and you always have more experience.

Which is better

Left looks more as normal water, and righ looks like dark oceanic water. Both looks good but i think Instead of pink colour, white or bright blue can fit better.

Left looks like... ore from Gothic.

Whats gothic?

Wow those sprites are good. This is a great map idea. The only way I could think to improve it is if you added some places where items spawn.

hmm Ill add those soon :D Thanks for the idea

Water would be great.

is it possible to make a water sprite that would look like it goes up to a players ankles, like he is standing in the water?

I dont know that requires animation and stuff im not sure i can do that but i will try. If i cant i cant.

I'm noticing that the ground tiles are super symmetrical.

I think the terrain would look a little more interesting if the ground tiles were more varied.

Throw in some nice browns here and there.

But being the coding deficient person I am I wouldn't know if it's possible to vary groundtiles.

Hmm Ok ill make some ground tiles they would make things better! And Hi lord of ferret you played extremely well in wilds ruins yesterday!


(Thanks though)

Rezoner are you there? Hello if you could reply it would give me something to go off of

Does anyone know how to make a pixel art bridge?????

I make easy example and show you on discord.