I'm not getting into any 1v1's

TheLegion27 4 years ago updated by Sir Brutal 4 years ago 4

I haven't been in any 1v1's in about a week, I've waited and waited but... nothing even when there are more than enough they don't start, at least, they don't start with me IN the actual game. Also I think there should be a different queue for 1v1's and 3v3's.


there are simply not enough players. i always play ruins nowadays because no one does 3v3- on top of that i have been getting serious lag.

seriously lag hasnt been a problem for me but i do agree with 3v3 matchups

When I do play on 3v3 I usually get people, or I'm asked to join, on Discord

In my opinion pvp and 3v3 should have separated not only queue but also scoreboards. Both of this game modes have much differences.

And Probably soon pvp score would be reset. Also ctf mode will be updated.