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Day-night cycle and more

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Hello, i would like to introduce some ideas that can add quite a bit of climate to the wilds and also some new mechanics. At the beginning i want say, on the forum is a post that coincides with my idea, but only partially. Here is link to it:


Below I will present my ideas and justify why they may be good:

1. Day and night cycle

This is the main idea, and rest of my ideas have base here, but this does not exclude the addition of these others ideas to the game without this main.
I think adding a cycle of day and night is a really good idea because it creates a certain atmosphere that can not be achieved in any other way. Thanks to that, you can also put more emphasis on survival and cooperation, but I will go tell about this in a moment.

Time for mechanics:

The day should have three phases that differ in color corresponding to the time in the game. Sunrise and sunset as one phase with the same colour filter, south and night. The color corresponding to sunrise and sunset should press orange, red and yellow. South phase should stay without changes and night phase should be based on dark colors like navy blue that fits perfectly, but also can't be too dark.

By analyzing the data presented by the Rezoner you can infer that the average playing time is about 15 minutes. On this basis, I believe that each phase should take 5-7 minutes.

Image 1219

This allows the player, during the average game, to see all phases of the day, which can translate into interest and prolong the playing time by another minutes.

The day and night phases should differ in several aspects. Firstly, at night, monster activity should be intensified, which forces players to cooperate overnight to survive. Monsters that are not available at other times of the day, such as the Yeti, may also appear at night.The amount of goblins also should be higher compared to the time of day.

Because at night it is more dangerous, players can hide in the forts to survive, while more brave can go hunting risking loss of life at the same time.

2. Healing campfires in forts or strategic places

With the addition of the night, campfires could be returned to the game and would have ability to heal when the player was standing near him. Heal should not be too fast for players not to abuse it. Because of the healing ability, fireplaces should occur where there are often battles, for example in the forts. It would also be a place to shelter and heal during the night.

Image 1223

3. Torches illuminating at night

Another idea is to add torches that would give a moderate amount of light around. It would be a way to illuminate important places where light at night is really needed. It would add a climate at night and also a sense of security.

It would be cool if the torches glowed at night and in the day went out. But they can also shine all the time, only in the day they should generate the minimum amount of visible light, or not at all.

Image 1225

3. Falling star

During the night rarelyfrom the sky can fall star. It may have different properties after being picked up by the player. For example, it can give a good amount of gold, or give some boost. When the star hits the player deals 3-4 dmg and knocks him to the ground. Because this situation can happen very rarely, the damage is quite large. It would be a kind of reward for players who fight at night.

Image 1226

That's all I wanted to show in this post. Write what you think about individual ideas and what do you think about adding a cycle of day and night to the wilds.

Regards, Egzekutor


Egzekutor you stunn me from time to time😉

Intresting. I remember an older topic like this. I like the idea its cool! :D It would make a good addition to wilds and Heres something which Ill just add on say what you want about it. Possibly when the game is in a further stage of development it could be possible that certain monsters come out only at night etc. Which would result in intresting things where I believe rezoner had said

But yes thats what i was saying before up there. For example a particular type of monster would just drop wood or whatever like a trent stuff like that. idk Egze What do you think?

It's nice to hear that you like my idea. I think the game is going in the right direction and aside from the fight itself, players will have more interesting things to do. Time will tell :D

ty jesteś Egzekutor? Fajny pomysł


Tak to ja i miło że pomysł Ci się podoba ^^

przyda się przyroda


Some of the ideas are like those from Starve.io (day and night and the campfires). Still I like this idea.

I was don't think about this game in any one moment when i was making this post ;] Thanks for support ^^

Under review

Well - the campfire was there at the very launch of the game - I have removed it later, so there is no relation to starve.io :)

I did not find any game called starve.io

And I believe wilds came first Oath If im wrong idk?

SO I suppose it will be kind of like Phroe's idea? A filter?

This is possible the simplest way to introduce night and other time zones. But maybe Rezoner know how to do it better.

i would love this  ingame

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