New weapon: Mace for next update?

savage doge 7 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 7 years ago 16

I have been searching for a weapon for the next update and i found one.

A Mace. This weapon is called a Mace

Normal Attack: I would say 1.25 damage.

Charge attack: 2 damage of course and a 360 spin to attack everyone around you.

Special attack: 5 damage and it can shoot out 1 spike (because the Mace has spikes on the top)

Attack speed: just like the hammer.

Range: maybe like the ice wand but just a very tiny bit less.

The spike should look like this:

If you don't like it, say what you don't like, i have tried my best on this :)

On forum already is post about this weapon, also have big amount of votes.


Lol I noticed that too they should just be merged

This is just an updated version with like the special attacks

5 damage!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

and a spike?!?!?!?!


Maybe try to work out the numbers a little better (sorry for the spam).

5 damage for 1 spike


i dont like the special :/ need more creativity

I feel like I posted something with the same weapon idea. -.-

But someone said it would be hard for Rez.

Even so, +1 (I could've just put this in 1 comment -_-)

there is like three weapons that are supposed to be on game right now

so plz stop making more ideas when he still did not fin that mage 


stop bumping old posts please

-,- stahp bumping old posts unless they are relevant to the post-apocalyptic forum.

5 damage is to much dude

the special is irrelevant, shooting a spike doesnt make sense a lot, but HEY nice idea, though it needs a bit of creativity in order to make it original