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Scores on forum is freezed?

Egzekutor 4 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 4 years ago 6

I noticed that for a long time my score on the forum does not change what surprised me. I decided to look at this and indeed the results of all the people on the forum do not change even though they add posts. This happens about the time when all posts have been reviewed and approved before being added.

For this reason I ask whether this is intentional or is it a mistake?
Under review

I have not changed anything.

Hymm it's little weird. Maybe userecho did it for an unknown reason.

I didnt notice till now

I noticed it 1,5 month ago, but i thought someone notice it too...

Same I have have 139 as my score for a long time now

I still have have have 21 points, and it's unfair!