Automatic use of potions (depending on inventory)

Urosthebest 2 years ago • updated by Sir Brutal 2 years ago 6

I think there should be implemented auto use of potions like for health potion when you have low health.

I find it pretty frustrating finding some valuable potion for me and i see i have two of the same potions.

For items like knife, bomb, rope, grenade this cant be implemented bc theyre all attacking items...

Automatic use of potion when the inventory is full would help a lot.

Regards, Urosthebest(i forgot some things to say)

Can i know what do you plan?

Check planned posts and you have answer bro :D

No! I prefer to keep at least one of my inventory slots filled with health, even when my health is low. Two if I'm the King.

The reason being is that you will often pick up extra health along the way, but if you use your health potion prematurely, you may not be able to find another health potion to replace it if you're in the heat of battle.

Having full health and no potions is worth a lot less then having really low health and 1 or 2 potions. And if you're the King and constantly fighting people, that extra health can be vital.

If you want to pick up say a clone or a speed pot I'll just manually use my second health slot and then pick up the item that I want.

Health still is used before you die auto. so when you run out of stamina you should auto use it.

Maybe I misunderstood the post, he only mentioned health not stamina :P

Yeah I guess it would be good to have stamina potions auto use when you run out.