Changes to rolling (hush, it'll still be good)

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So the current counters of maneuvers goes shield counters attack (obviously), roll counters shield (not sure about this), kick counters roll (ehh..) and shield counters kick.

The problem with this is a roll is much easier to land safely than a kick and therefore shouldn't pay off as well. The animation is synced with the hit and it moves you so you aren't vulnerable after, but the kick takes time to wind up and is more directional, not to mention you stand still while doing it. There is also the stunlock where people steamroll over you like a rolling pin and there's nothing you can do except try to kick them, by which time you're on the ground again.

Solution is simple, instead, kick counters shield (encourages people to use it more), shield counters roll and roll counters kick (to balance it.) The kick is now more useful but still easily stopped by a roll.

Also, you will only get knocked down when someone used a move that counters yours but knockback and damage will still be applied, meaning a roll wont knock people down if they aren't kicking, but will still push them back and a kick will not knock you down unless you're shielding. Also, rolling into a shield knocks you down.

The trinity of movements is better balanced, it just requires more thought and better reactions to knock someone down. It also makes sense, cos if you roly polied into someone blocking, would they really be sent flying?


All mechanics is fine now in my opinion. Idk why you have problem with kicking rolling enemy. For me everything works good. Also you can dodge roll with jump. Everything what you need is skill and good timing.

Works good, could work better basically.

And require more skill through slightly more particular counter system. The kicking and rolling just feels very cheap if it means you aren't using your actual weapon much and I think anything that forces people to use more varied combos is good for the game and for everyone's experience, pro or casual.

The changes wouldn't actually be as noticable as the above essay sounds I think once you got used to it, and more like a traditional hack and slash where the block break (currently roll) doesn't act as a dodge as well, which makes it very spammable in my opinion.


Just rotating it around isnt going to change anything XD. "From now on, rock beats paper, paper beats scissors, and scissors beats rock"


i noticed that too WHATS THE POINT? I personally feel fine with roll

Good point Eminem, here's why it changes something more than spinning the counter wheel.

1.The changes say: you can only knockdown when someone is doing an action and you counter it. Otherwise they take damage and knockback only. At the moment, you can kick or roll someone standing still to knock them down. If someone is standing still, you probably don't have to knock them down to kill them. Also sprinting will still get knocked down by any kick or roll. See above paragraph 4 for details and if you feel like this is becoming a science xD

2. Roll isn't like paper and kick isn't like scissors because kick is much harder to land than roll on a good player.

To use your rock paper scissors analogy, if roll were paper, it can currently beat rock (shield) and is beaten by kick (scissors.) Fair enough.

BUT this is a 2D game, not a 1D one like rock paper scissors (RPS), meaning it requires prediction for the kick.

Your kick requires you to stop running and tap shift again while also waiting so your kick is done not too early and not too late, while angling your cursor to intercept the incoming roller. It doesn't require you to simply pick it, like RPS.

Not for the roll though; you just press it and it works like in RPS.

The roll can counter a kick if from the side or back (which it shouldn't be able to do), which a kick can't do to a roll because you've moved away. The roll can be done straight out of a run because it uses a different button. The roll requires no timing because it can hit anywhere along itself.

Well thank you to any that's made it here, though I don't think there's anyone. I get you all don't want to relearn the game, so maybe just implement point 1.?

There's a good mechanics reason why though, so I guess I'm asking for the great rez to tell me no at this point xD

TL;DR Read first lines from 1. and 2.

Also if you're wondering who that one upvote is, thanks mate, but it's not me xD