How good the old wilds was?

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 6 years ago 15

This is how I measure whether my updates are good or bad. It's a graph showing average playtime over the history of the game.

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No matter how many times you point out how good the old wilds was and how bad I have made it the real numbers will not change.

ps: October is what players refer to as "new wilds" - it's when I started company, introduced map with walls, collectible gold, skins and reworked all animations from "LEGO style".


I personally feel its quite stupid that people claim the old wilds was better. Old wilds was all reflex to be honest. New wilds has a much more content than the old one. Its also wayyyy better


This is very good example. Peoples something forget about one thing. It says that the old version was better, but that they are very happy when a new update comes out, to the current version of the game. Maybe for the fact that it is still old good wilds only with the refreshed graphics and a lot of new things that is added to the game.

It's true the old wilds have some funny mechanics like growing with kills, but comparing to the current version i think we are on the good path.

Remember some things from old wilds still can be added so just have fun in game and wait for next cool updates :)

BUT There shouldnt be any sevas out there ugh i cringe when i think about it...

Old Wilds.Io is perfect #BringBackOldWilds

but with weapons not just axe

Mabey create another game which is the older version so the people that wants 'The old wilds' can play that instead

Of course, actual wilds is nice, but I and many people longs for old wilds - This was simple, no OP bow + mirage, no wands, no swords what can do with your team massacre, no hammers for people who keep escaping (coward or noob), no mountains, what give you advantage, no claws - Just axe, without shield, only hood, GOBLINS, YETIS, no sandworms, no orbs... 6 hp.. This is what I want, but probably other players want same too.

in the old wilds, once u were blocked u dead. the counter attack was crazy fast, but not anymore so thats good

Old wilds was better :v

the old one was much better :V

that bump tho


Your reaction time for this topic is like for Internet Explorer, I have even a joke of it:

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this meme is older than wilds io, but hey, have an upvote!

I loved the old wilds.io and its basics...having a better "gameplay experience" is fine...but now? I'm just going to stay neutral .-.

everybody loved old wilds because it was something new and we were still discovering it. Now I can guarantee that if Rezoner brings the old map, graphics and mechanics it wont be popular at all. 

You have to agree that the best part of a new game is exploring, discovering different mechanics, possibilities and so on. Give this a thought