New game mode

Dead Wolf 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 10

I think the current game modes are very boring I expected more of that map, so why not add a new game mode or two?

My idea: New game mode (last survivor or last survivors) ffa and tdm (without reviver)


I liked the idea, I'm getting bored in the game.


I think problem is amount of servers that rez has running. Also tdm is like 3 vs 3.


server of rezoner endure once 200 Brazilians in the ruins why he not can make 10x10 or 5x5 for tdm


Smh no one plays 3v3 it takes an hour to get into a 3v3 match and you get crappy teammates if you don't know the circumstances don't speak. The game modes right now are fine there is no need to make another empty server aka ctf. Now hush


3v3 and 1v1 are ranked games my idea of the new game modes is that it is just for fun

And ctf isnt a game mode for fun? Shut up


Ctf does not end and has no emotion but think a match with you alone against others 19 or 9 without reviving would have emotion and would end, or you in a game without reliving with 4 friends vs 5 other guysWhat do you think?


I'm tired off these "add new gamemode" posts


If a new game mode is to appear, it should be good (but i not think your Ideas is bad). In the forum you can find some good ideas like "hunger games" or fight for strategic points and keep them.

Also i have one idea for new mode.

The point is that both teams have their king and the player's job is to defend him, and at the same time kill the hostile king. The king is randomly selected at the beginning, and has more health than the other players.

It may also have a characteristic element like a crown, or just a larger body (like a king in older versions of wilds).

Also this mode can have map with two small camps/castles on the hills and other structures in center.

I think this mode can be good because team which want win, must good cooperate :]


I definitely like the last one standing idea, I've wanted it for a looooooong time... but it just never happened :(