New NPC or new Class, and items. Plague Doctor.

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 2 years ago • updated by Poke Hano 2 years ago 6

NPC= Plague Doctors live in small houses in desert places, or just walking.HP=need 5 hits to kill, Attacks= He is will attack you when you attack them, He will hit you with his surgeon knifes,

And throw potions. And, he is can Insert a syringe with a special poison = Your screen will wriggle and blink in different colors.BUT When you give him some items he is can heal you. You can find a potions of plague. Potion of Plague give you random effect like=you wil get hit by half of health, you will be healed, Or............... Y O U W I L L D I E ! ! . Drop potions of Plague, And Mask of plague doctor. Mask is a Temporary item= you can eqip it and potions of plague doctor will not hit you or kill. END. And yeah... When i I broke the rule with one idea per week... Sorry :(


Maybe like this?


And yeah He is will talking like SCP 049 From SCP containment breach


Oh and yeah when it will be class= The coloured thinks on his arms is a team point


Im tired of this Just why WHY