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Wilds.io wiki page!

Egzekutor 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 15

Hello, one player with a nickname Traxido created a wiki page devoted to wilds.io

I think everyone should know this because it is a very good step towards understanding the assumptions of this game by new players.

This also coincides with the newly founded training camp since new players will be able to find all descriptions of items, weapons and mechanics on the wiki, and learn to use them in our camp.

So if anyone wants to help with the development of a new wiki page, here is the link:

Also in wilds.io game you can found link to our training camp. It is at the bottom of the menu in the changelogs window.

Rezoner you can add a small bookmark link to this wiki, or wait for more information to be added there. Anyway you should know about this site.

Regards, Egzekutor

Under review

I am giving it official support then. The links will soon appear in lobby.

It would help out a TON if you could get me original files of the items or players (image files)


It needs MOVES category, like block, dash etc

I'm working on it rn, I worked on it for about 6 hours yesterday, and went to bed because it was 2:00 am!

Man you need rest! In training camp you found so much experienced players which can help you with game mechanics etc.

I can support the website, i'm playing wilds 4 years. I'm also true no-life, I visit computer at 15:00 am

Or three - I forgot do this was made in 2013 or 2014.

Heh but you know that wilds.io was released about a year ago? XD

I'm talking about oldest version. This is still same wilds.


I'm also talking about the first version. Unfortunately, it is physically impossible to play the game even when it is not even created, which undermines your words that you are playing three or four years because it did not exist at that time.

I would like to thank everyone who helps in creating a new wiki for wilds. The site is developing remarkably quickly, which is very satisfying. You do a really good job and thanks to you, new players have more ways to learn how play good in wilds :]


I hope that google will eventually start indexing it and we can get it above wildsio.wikia.com in search results. Next time I release a game I will reserve every single alias before announcing it

YES I hate how it's still up there. They will start indexing it but it takes about 2 weeks from my experience.

Its sad you dont add a Undine...