Let's talk about the new flurry of updates.

Bigness 7 years ago updated by J4sh1n 7 years ago 2

My first real post :). Let's start with the stamina potion. No bugs, but it would be nice if when picked up, it fills your stamina bar if you have a full inventory like the health potion does. The grenade is a little hard to aim with when factoring in travel time, if it moved a tad faster that would be nice. The spear needs a buff, we've heard this all before. I think it should do 1.5 damage, and the special cooldown needs to be much lower. Much lower. The rope shouldn't be able to grasp teammates, of course. To all you trolls out there, you can kill teamies by grappling them across spikes. The clone potion has completely screwed the game. there needs to be some ground rules. The clone created should be an independent bot, to prevent people using bows with 5 clones around to mirror them, rather then a potion used to boost force. The bot should sort of follow the user like the bots in CTF used to. The bot should be only be friendly to those on the user's team and the user itself (in the case of rogues). I say the clone potion should be rarer, I don't think its normal to see everyone with several clones of themselves walking around. Moving on to the claw, I think the person using it should have more movement speed, to turn it into a hunter-type class the bezerker used to be. With tribes, there should be a rank hierarchy that lets players have certain powers. Maybe a leader, co-leader, elder, and member rank? (Inspired from CoC). I don't know what the powers will be, but I'll work that out later. Onward, arrows, knives, and projectiles are too powerful with the cursor guidance. They were fine weapons before. Thanks for reading!