Option to turn off special attack when you want to quickroll

thebadman 2 years ago • updated by Urosthebest 2 years ago 4

This annoys me for quite some time and now with charge nerf I want to utilize what left is in game for catching fleeing players.

For those that do not know - You can roll slightly faster at cost of stamina, but apparently in old old wilds it was also combination for some kind of old special attack, now we can simply press R.


I don't know about you, but I still use scroll + rift mouse button to special attack, because I have finer control over it than when I press R. So please add an OPTION to disable this, as I feel some people still use this feature.

This is why I ask for option, not removal. I understand some people might have already got used to it, espiecially said old old wilds players.

I know. I just wanted to say that some player do still use this.

I still use it also