Remove special attack pls

Phroenix 7 years ago updated by Knight of Rage 7 years ago 8
Rezonator, I wanted to ask you a favor. I really wish the game had the special attack removed because I think the combat system lost its fun because whenever we're killing people they attack us with specials, and then they flee and come back with the special charge to kill their opponent

[MS] zFenix

Rezonator? is a offend or what?


You mean the charge(alternative) attack or special skill?


special skill

Don't cry

You just need to do the same thing to them...


Your mom and dad is Up vote...


That's one of the reasons i bought the weapons because of there diferant ability's then the hammer axe and sword would be the same and the bow and wand would be too. So this is not a good idea and blocking helps or maybe they are a good play it is a stratigy