what should i buy?

sushisling3r 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 2

so i have 1.8k gold i was thinking about buying a weapon but i dont know which one i should buy so if you could give me the recommendations that would be greatly appreciated.

(if u could tell me what the staff does that would be cool too)


Sword. Sword is meta. Sword is best. Sword is the one to beat the rest.

This has been a half-poem from yours truly,

~Seraph (guest_53r4ph)


Iif you like to fight up close, select the sword because his ability is very useful in many enemies, and more. Hammer too is good but you must have more accuracy with special attack and this skill have less efficiency for group of enemies. But if you prefer ranged combat you can choose a bow or wand.

The bow is very good if you have a good aim and allows you to be more mobile than the wand. Also special attack is very fast and usefull.

Wand has more destructive power because of the rate of fire, but consumes stamina which is used for running. This means that as a magician will be less mobile as it does not mean that you can not run. With good governance stamina, fight with the wand can be very good. Also freezing skill can suprise your enemy.

I think this can help you with choosing good weapon :)