The forums are hella bogged- we need to change something

Knight of Rage 7 years ago updated by OnderaZ 6 years ago 13

The forums at this point have pretty much fallen apart, we really need a moderator system. The 'wait until rezoner oks it before it's posted' think isn't working, it's just more overwhelming to have to deal with.

I urge members to focus on things that will change the game for the better. Practical proposals are much more valuable than whimsical ones. We don't need new game modes or skins or boss fights, we need people actively contributing data about the current game that Rezoner can use to guide changes in the future. It's better to request a refine to the current content than ask for more and more crap to be piled on to the game.

Yup, this is what we need.


Not going to lie. Rezoner isn't doing anything about the idiots who spam posts and act like their trolling is even slightly effective. Rezoner has left us :(

For a while, he is working on new stuff.


We have to remember that rez is married and starting a family. That's incredibly time intensive, and wilds.io is a pretty low priority on his list now. I think that the game will survive without much attention on his part, as long as a couple things like the kick are fixed. But these forums are definitely going to die without moderation. Rez hasn't been on in over a week, and honestly his periods of inactivity are just going to get longer. Without moderation this forum is going to continue falling apart the same way it is right now.

yeah, having moderators that check posts before theyre posted would be a awesome thing, +1

And yet, who meets the requirements for a mod? Infact, there are no requirements.

"because he was the oldest one, his english was very good and he didn't used memes to communicate his thoughts." well then me and savage meet the requirements. who would you pick?

You ask me? Ask everyone here! And it would be savage doge, because you are toxic (your comments tho)

the same could be said about you

I think the power of a mod should not be handed to a player. You know that power corrupts people, and if you propose a vote, think twice, because we all know that within the game there are groups that favor their leader, and the larger groups will surely win. I think anyone who chooses this new Mod is the Rezoner