Add Jump Potion and potion of force

SirMasakiller (NewAcclol) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

Jumping potion

-You can jump the mountains
-These are only killing goblins

 Potion of strength

-This one can only be obtained from goblins as well
-Add 1 damage to the weapon kick
- adds 0.3 damage with fists
-X0.5 stamina regeneration
+0.5 speed (run-walk)
-No add rolling damage
- Do not add shield damage (dash + Block)
-No Add speed of damage (Axe with more attack speed)

Well here ends my idea that they seemed to :)

I'm sorry I was confused

-Add 1 axe attack and kick

Hmmm...first potion idea which i dont hat but...it would make the game more confusing....

im speek spanish i create this with translate and the translate are a shit :(