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White text on yellow sandy background?

Knight of Rage 2 years ago • updated by Rezoner1337 2 years ago 10

The chat is just hard to read when it's white text on a sandy background. Please at least give us the option to change the color.

It's particularly annoying because I have to use my PC to play now because the Chromebook OS is fucked up, and my monitor is low-contrast.

Sure why not?

The sad thing is that good posts like this one, which take important things into consideration, are covered with tons of ideas most of which is impossible to be added in the game. Only 3 thumbs up bcus post was on the first page only for 30 minutes. This is really stupid and should be retained for the benefit of the forum and Rezoner.

Really peeps if you read this and you want help Rez in work first stop add ideas. Give for him 5-7 days for read all this insane spam...

Heh why he needs a moderated, limited access forum

Under review

I have asked userecho developers to improve on that but I haven't heard anythin from them yet :

There are always these shit posts that get negative comments and it all covers the good posts


I see words perfectly, idk what is wrong with it. But words can be also changed to black ;)

Like I said, i'm now playing on a low-contrast, low-resolution monitor.


Remember white text with black border is visible on every background. This can be a good solution to the problem.

Also - doesn't your text have a black background behind?