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Hey rez I dont understand why some of my topics arent getting noticed

Poke Hano 2 years ago • updated by Smoogle 2 years ago 17

I know your a busy guy and all. But to be honest I see you replying to new peoples not very well shaped out posts (my posts are better sure but they can be better definetely). I made the exact same idea of a guy I get no response even though I put more time into it yet he gets a response. So yeah if you can explain to me why thank you! The reason why im posting this is cause i dont wanna just hover over at forums for no reason. And I know your a busy guy but if you do respond thanks! Have a good day


just try doing it when people are on

and stop complaining

were just trying to help the game


Joseph dont advise me just DONT

cuz mine got looked at or something


Joseph i see youre new so check out some beginner guides if you dont know how this works or at least respect the rules...

Under review

You have won in a response lottery \o/

Seriously tho, I respond pretty randomly - to either something that is upvoted like hell or was just on top of my email - because there is no way I can handle it all.


If you pick a mod, he/she could highlight the topics that you should read. :)


I agree this would help filter stuff out

wellp,thats a good idea.


I agree, most recently is a chaos in the forum, but i suggests check posts. There are few interesting ideas.


Oh ok THANK YOU I have been waiting for this for a long time :D Im happy TT


Picking a mod would cost money on rezoners part,due to how this system he's using works

I don't understand why any of my topics aren't getting noticed either... Plz help!