Upgrade on Killing system(bones)

Urosthebest 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 8

I have been thinking how to upgrade this bones and killing system. I think when someone steals your bones is pretty frustrating and i think it would be better to make some changes...

I thought that when you respawn you get the half of the bones from the previous round. I think it becomes very boring when you have idk 100 bones and than you lose every bone and start all over again...

Another idea on the killing system is that you bring back the kills and maybe points... I loved points so much and i felt powerfull even when i had only 1000 points and not to say more...

With respect, Urosthebest


nah bones is fun


It's also really annoying if you're on the renegade team and literally everyone is targeting you. Then some random charge strike from some noob kills you and there goes your 200+ bones (happened to me 3 times today so i'm hella salty).

I like that half of the bones part tho

i dont like the restarting with the half the bones idk why

It will make the game more fun and make players to continue playing...

The 'keep half bones' thing was in there originally but Rezoner rightfully removed it because people were using it to exploit and farm bones with their teammates.

Uhm...i didnt know that but how people can farm in ruins?