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Bring Back Scoring By Wins In Soccer Mode

JustBo 2 years ago • updated by Poke Hano 2 years ago 5

Proposal: Bring back the previous system in soccer mode where people earn soccer points by wins as a team, rather the the current system where they score by goals that a player makes for themselves.

Why The Current System Concerns Me: I feel like the current mechanism destroys teamwork, since everyone would want to score the goal for themselves. It also makes the wins and losses of a match feel pointless and unsatisfying, since not all players who contributed to the winning team will be rewarded.

And finally, I understand that this idea may not be very crucial to the overall gameplay itself. However, as a player who has always been fond of the soccer mode, I believe the current mechanism makes football mode less fun to play, and would appreciate it if you would take this idea into consideration.

thats nice but what system do you purpose for 3v3 and 1v1?

This is for soccer isn't it? Does that mean he has to change something for the others?

The old system depended ON only soccer thats why im asking

Under review

I haven't delivered an old promise that's why it's broken.

All players should gain or loose score if the team or enemy goals. This would bring back team play.