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Hey Rez For What Not Creating Your Survival game?

Zoero Gamer 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 8

For what no creating you old wilds survival game i like so much this idea Rez Pls create it its so very cool

Youtube video
Youtube video
Youtube video

I know is so much work and you not have time but your idea is great rez no trash this idea is very cool


People want wilds.io not work.io :D(probably in 99.9999999999999999999999%) I could get bored on this game if it has to look how in this videos, because there's no fighting only work work work work. I don't need more work after real work.


just put wilds.IO WHit survival wilds.io

but for that he need MORE PLAYERS

Hey you do realize he was working on it, kept working on it, and it turned into wilds.io. This is wilds.io!

yes for what this game i name the old wilds

Under review

This early stage had a few problems.

A good thing it that it looks promising and I also love this survival vibe BUT

1) The concept lacked replayable things to do

2) To be content driven it would require lots of time or lots of people to work on it

So I butchered it down to a simple hack-n-slash and released as an IO game as I thought the combat mechanics alone is still deeper than what any other IO game has (or had) to offer regarding mechanics.

ho thx for responing face medium happy :D

Sorry for the flood I am the one who commences this :( and you had to put anti flood