change weapon in respawn

berserkerIL 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 28

Rez pls had an option to changing your weapon after you die.

(for example if i fight with a sword and die i could respawn with ice wand if i have it)

What about armo

what is armo?


Dont make the same post twice!


Came here to make the same suggestion, but this thread popped up, so I'm commenting for visibility.

Seems like an obvious implementation. Customization menu should be present on the respawn menu, instead of going back to the main menu and leaving the server.

totaly agree

I didn't create this meme.

what do you think Rez??

This idea is very old, and you can change your weapon in fort. -_-

still waiting for an answer pls

but realy how you can do it?

At this moment you can't but probably soon Rez add option for change weapon in warehouse inside the fort.

mmmm.... ok sound realy nice

what is the problem with that

I'm just wondering how you can change your weapons at the fort somehow... no offense to your post.

hha ok i thout you talking on my post

im too wondering how

If one wants to use only a weapon?

i dont understand

Sorry I did not read well and I thought you could not choose which weapon to change after the respawn but I thought you would automatically select another weapon