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I've recently been in a football queue, and so many games. And when you got around too many players there was so much lag it was nearly unplayable. No other tabs, etc was open, it was just. fucking. L A G . And it disallows you to play aggressively and only defensively! It's disgusting. I almost couldn't do ANYTHING with the lag weighing down on me. You had to get into a corner just to escape the lag. Something must've broken the framerate with the new update. Please fix this, it is SO hard to deal with in-game.

Thank you so much.

~Seraph, currently Reckon

P.S. This might not have been a serious issue for you, but I find it quite serious because it almost stops you from playing.


The lag is so massive that EU servers are now almost unplayable :(

Thought this was only happening to me xD

Maybe it's again under some DDoS attack?

That's stupid, shut the fuck up you faggot.


The king got a new acount?

I agree, in last time amount of lags is too big. I see the problem is in both EU and US servers.

Sure, after i join i can't do anything, just like got 10k ms ping

The servers of EU are propably closed, i always joining to the one of it and can't play