Unlimited COİN !

onur takin 7 years ago updated by wildsio player 7 years ago 16

we kill everyone mostly take 800 coin please fix this problem


What are you trying to say? Tell little bit more correctly...

Under review

I can see you as a new marketing director for Nokia

- "Free Nokia for everyone!"

A month later in a Business Insight Newspaper - "Nokia sold to a local Hot-Dog stand owner"


Yep. This would destroy the game because Rezoner has to eat, you know.


and He must feed his cats


We don't want Rezoner died of hunger


Neither do I

That's true so much


rezoner need eat xd

well , Bro why did you gold limit to increase ? maybe easier buy weapons its a ideia your choice ok sure we have limit but its low you can do refresh to daily its a other ideia i think buy gold but its difficult to me because ım from turkey and 1 dolar 4 tl so they pay 10 ı pay 40 thank you good work ...

You got a 800 coin limit, do you want a 25871657165817671 coin limit?


I personally think that 800 is too much. People should work for their items and it shouldn't be super easy.

It should be 600 or 500