skills for hat (please read all)

lordxalasa 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 4

k so it make almost 2 week i wanted too show you all that

here it is

all weapon have a skill right? sooo why dont hat have some COOL skill

here is my skill idea

hood(100coins) :the skill of invisibility

x-mas hat (500 coins) :for that the ice nova will be good whit it (rezoner have some animations for that)

viking hat (1000 coins) :im thinking about summoning a boat or or getting full armor instanly or too charge someone

fox mask (2000 coins) :''AARRGGGHh! wait... im a fox!''(just morph into a fox 50% chance of avoiding damage)

spartan hat(2400coins):I DONT KNOW (say idea in comments please)

ranger hat (5000coins):''JUSTICE FROM ABOVE'' summon a rain of arrow

SKULL (10000 coins) :summon skeleton for helping that would be cool

thanks for reading all i hope YOU all enjoy this idea


Invisibility for just 100 coins? Sounds like a good joke :D

lol i know maybe others i m saying ability relating too hood

but for these im not really sure i will maybe change it later when i will be REALLY sure


I already posted a similar idea a while back, except with better ideas for the perks:


me its active effect you its passive effect a little difference but that a good idea