New objective-oriented map- Concept

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For a while, I've been having ideas for a new map, but one idea per week, right?

So here it is:

The new map would be quite large, it would take two minutes to walk from the top to the bottom, and one and a half minutes to walk from left to right. It would consist of two teams only: The Grey Team, and The Brown Team.

The map layout would consist of an extensive, but not too cramped, army camp at the bottom, which would consist of red-clad tents, shopstands, and fireplaces, along with lots of crates/barrels for items. A single large tent at the back of the camp would be the spawnpoint of Brown Team. The tents are not placed too close to be restrictive or cramping, but the camp would not be spacious, either. The army camp would be adorned with the red banner of the Brown Team.

The Middle of the map would be a quite open area, with sparsely distributed rocks and, rubble acting as cover. A dead forest would haunt the left side, and the ruins of a ransacked and burned village would lie on the right side. Little remains from the village but a few walls and crates, just enough cover to make for some interesting combat. This entire middle zone would include goblins, a Sand Worm, and the occasional Yeti. Items here would be obtained from pedestals, an the general air would be reminiscent of the old Desert maps.

The top of the map would house a derelict fortress atop cliffs and protected by mountainous battlements. The silver banners of the Grey Team would drape the walls of the castle, and the Grey Team spawnpoint would be in the heart of this castle. Inside the building itself, tight corridors and rooms would make for combat similar to that of the newer Ruins maps. Treasure rooms with chests and crates abound would be protected by spike pits, and traps such as spikes and guillotines would propagate the hallways. The fortress would appear quite run-sown, but not totally ruined.

The general purpose to this map would be to house a more extensive, meaningful combat, where both sides feel they have something to fight for: Brown team's objective would be to attack and take the fortress, and Grey team would have the job of pushing the invaders back into their camp. Players may even be compelled to work together to attack or defend.

With the map would come a few tweaks- The addition of a ten-second respawn timer in order to have the players value their lives more and thus play less recklessly and think about what they're going to do. This along with the long walk back to the battle will convince players to play smarter and better, and the game would have a more competitive air to it.

Secondly, the default zoom would be much less then it is in the current maps, making everything look smaller so that players could see more of the picture at a time. I play fine zoomed to 60%, If this was made the standard than players would be able to navigate the world better.

This post sort of coincides with aR's idea of a more competitive map for skilled players. I hope this is considered, Rezoner.

Its not easy to make a map just like that,you need to make houses,tents,and trees.

Well yeah, it would be a process, but he already has dead tree sprites, the houses would just be a few walls, and I could cook up some tents in an hour or two

YES this would effectively solve the new player influx problem, having this alongside Ruins map in order to sift the good players from the new players

Whoops sorry guys accidentally bumped

I'm currently working on wall tiles, and once I will be done with them, I will try to design some cool map. I have something similar to your idea in my mind :)

I like this. It will make ruins something I *might* take seriously, if the objectives are fun enough.

fantastic idea :DD