Thorns Around The Flag

Christian Demiquel 7 years ago updated by Shiru,Kurai ite 6 years ago 8

My idea is to have thorns around the flag, so it would be difficult for the two teams to get the flag, and the thorns activate when someone runs past them, the game would be more dynamic, fun and a bit more difficult.

I did a schematic in the''Paint'' then it was not as I expected, but it gave to have an idea of how it would stay, I am not very good in drawings, but do not call LOL

Hope you like it :DImage 648


Pablo Picasso,is that you?


Maybe some sort of spike that activates after a few seconds of standing on it to prevent one team constantly staying on the flag place and stealing it

Yes, it would be more difficult to get the flag and give the other team a chance to react and be able to defend or attack :)

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