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ok wilds is realy fun but it does have some balance issuses


ok rolling is unbalanced as crap you can roll over some one to death and if you get the rare chance of landing a kick it doesn't do enough he just get back up and maul you again.Now removing it would be unreasonable in my opinion it should instead do 0 damage but breaks the shield and like dash you end up on the other side.


any one agree?

No, nobody agrees.

no one agrees...

Not a hater, he is actually right. Simply, when someone tries to roll-spam you, you should try to kick or roll as your next move, and that will break a combo.


1 i do that often to unacceptable efficiency and 2 this comment tells me you did not read the article and looked at comments

Believe me or not, but I have read your post. I agree with aR.


Nope,dont agree


Dank rolls 4 life!

Kicking is not the only way to block. Jump to avoid, dash, or roll away from the spammer.

Rolling is a strategy. Learn it! Wield its consequences against your opponent!


I agree that it might need to be re-balanced, but NOT do zero damage.


I noticed an interesting thing recently. People are trying to weaken the mechanics of the game which can not handle. In my opinion, instead of trying to weaken something that is very easy to counter, you need to learn how to use it and how to counter that.


Yeah, topics like nerf (so-called "rebalance") wand/bow/sword/kick/roll/block are coming back again and again. Let's nerf (uh sorry, REBALANCE) all weapons by replacing them with foam sticks, which will deal 0 dmg.


ok im fine with weapons they all have counter strats.


and 2nd you sir are an ass


(ps if you dont like this one look at some insight its good)


Well, roll has a counterstrat too, and it's called JUMP

I would look at it xD

If there are only sticks in the game everyone would just kick .


ive been playing since it started you can counter it but kick response time is too slow and does not do enough damage


It's called jump.

Or run so you cannot get hit.

Base Game:

Swing - beat roll

Shield - beat swing

Roll - beat shield

Rock paper scissors, perfectly balanced.