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Team Names!

Pashka 3 years ago • updated by fonky(aguy) 3 years ago 14

Instead of calling the teams Brown, Gray, or None I would suggest calling the "Brown" team "Raiders", The "Grey" Team "Berserkers", and The "None" team "Barbarians". This is just a quick add and it doesnt take much time to change this, i just think it would look better for the game :)

Brown - Raiders

Grey - Berserkers

None - Barbarians

It might be a good idea,might


None: Renegades

Yep,rez said that is their name

Under review

Bandits, Renegades or Outlaws

I could not decide :)

Renegades sounds good in my opinion.

Yeah None can also be called Renegades/Barbarians/or Deserters. I Personally Like Deserters more!

Wouldn't this be even more confusing for new players though?

no not really, think of csgo, thats what i mean team names. thats all!

Well there is unspoken concept that is already in the game - it corelates with the colors

Brown are Bears

Gray are Wolves

You can see it on their banners.

yea i know that, but that's just a symbol, think of the Kingdom of England for example the flag is a big red cross, you don't call the Kingdom of England "Red Cross" do you?

Browns have bears (or yetis) grays have Goblins?

Yep, I would love to be gray in that case...

Bears, Wolves, and maybe wildlings?