Forum Moderation - Would It Be Useful?

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Topic of Interest: The process of posting on the userecho forums is to help the wilds.io community grow and establish new achievements throughout wilds.io. Forums are not to be used as a senseless comments that have little or no value whatsoever to contributing to the game and or community. Some examples being posts without accurate descriptions, just titles (see below), frequent meme posting, and hateful comments. All of which can be avoided through forum moderation.

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Continuation: This post is not a demand for change as much as it is a post for recognition and realization that the forums postings and comments have lowered in quality and effort -- granted that cannot be changed and or avoided, but doing our part, as a wilds.io community player, to keep the forums clean and user-friendly is helping Rezoner and increasing the positive effect that the forums have on the game. It is Rezoner's way (not just the forums) of finding out through the players, what we want as a community. Let those be positive and constructive thoughts and or ideas.

Possible Solution: The simple request for selective beings to moderate the userecho forums (chosen by Rezoner) to keep the chat helpful, constructive, and proper for all ages is a task at hand -- but in my opinion is essential. Preventing trolls such as "The King" and "Seva" out of the wilds.io community is almost essential to keep peace and or sense of any constructive feedback.

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Sounds like a bad idea to me. The Vagalantes already brigade posts that their boss doesn't like to vote it down, can't imagine what giving them any meaningful power would result it


We don't force our members to like our posts - we encourage guild support via in-game and on the forums. Supporting members ideas, even if they are counterclaims to the idea - are fantastic because it increases awareness of the topic. Even if you are attempting to 'insult' me by mimicking the Vigilantes name to 'Vagalantes,' it is another perspective that maybe forum moderation would indeed be a bad thing. It is up to the reader to decide, we express our opinion to upvote posts but we are not forcing it.

Who says the forum moderation power has to be given to any Vigilante member?


Correct, you don't force them to like your posts, but only probably because you can't.

That's irrelevant anyway. I don't think players of the game should be moderators on the developer's suggestion site. The developer does a pretty great job being neutral and open minded, and I'm not sure any players (Vagalantes or otherwise) are up to the task.


In my opinnion here it is not about good and relevant ideas and bugs, but pointless posts which nohow have to wilds.io. Rez has a lot of work with ordinary posts outside programming the game, and this happens even mass nonsensical posts that only clutter the forum. It is about simple selections of posts which can bring something to the game, and the posts that are pointless and often pass with the purpose of existence forum. Remember the last word always belongs to the Rezoner, and maintaining fine on the forum can help him in his work.

In due respect, you assume that I am the cause of this so called 'distress' against The Vigilantes. Saying, "but only probably because you can't." I am not forcing them to make posts, I am suggesting and stating that if a member wishes to increase his chances of promotion. Posting on the forums helps that.

Besides your valid and worthwhile opinion on the forums topic, It is their choice to join the Vigilantes and do their part to help the game grow. You may have your opinions and I respect that - but frankly you have no right to tell what my members what they can and cannot do. You already believe that "I force my members to post." Let us take a step over to what you and aR/E% have done. Messaging my members in numerous discord accounts trying to persuade my fellow members into your cause is anything but helpful and mature of you or anyone that has done that action. Making over 10+ fake accounts, all which are members of The Vigilantes. Spying, harassing, and pestering any member is disrespectful. You have your opinions and I have mine. I ask you this once again, leave my members alone - and we will leave you alone. This goes for both Scipio/Master R. & aR/E%.


Edit: "..increase his/her chance of promotion.."


Not sure why you're so worked up about stuff that is so patently wrong. I don't see anything there that I have done that is offensive, apart from perhaps the fake accounts which aren't even me. Like I said before, irrelevant anyway (although amusing to see you get so mad!)

I have screen shots too...

I have more if you want to keep this up!


All of those screenshots being used as suggestions and or direct statements to myself.

"Although amusing to see you get so mad." That statement makes me believe that you are not willing to take this matter seriously and confront your issues - hiding behind humor and denial that those accounts were not you. Is that really the case Scipio20, I beg to differ.

Coincidence that both the forum name and user name shown in the photo are the same?

'02oipicS' is 'Scipio20' written backwards. It starts with blackmailing, harassment, bribing (rewarding those who join against the Vigilantes), and now lying? This makes me believe that your claims are false and you are not trustworthy in anything you say. Speaking of blackmail, evidence shows that you also used "valuable" information kept on a pastebin document stating that if we act as 'dicks,' our 'secret' information will be leaked to the public.

The thing is that all the information you have recorded and blackmailed us for, never was true. It was a simple hoax to expose your true self - contemplating when and if you would lash out was decided by yourself. This makes all of your information 100% false and useless against us.


Seriously, if you want to talk about this then we can on discord. I was trying to make a point about the discussion. In the meantime, here's a suggestion:


You snip out the rest of the conversation making me look like I like gay porn.

It is a joke. There is a time and place for everything, which immaturity not being one of them as of now.


If you're so confident in your beliefs you should have no problem expressing them in a mannered way on the forums, you bypassing how you blackmailed us and continued to lie afterwards will not be going away. Every question deserves and answer.


Man, now I wish there were moderators so this mess could get mopped up. Ironic, no? Sorry for letting it get out of hand. For real if you want to talk we can do so on discord, this ain't the place.


but 02oipicS I do have to agree with you.


I can almost taste the irony.

'well, to keep this at the lowest rating it can be-migt as well downvote it'

Just the other day, saii was on my ass because the expatriate and me (we are different people, we share a computer) are expressing our opinions jointly, and here he is.


Wait what i'm on Master Radriarch's side? goddamnit, that kid is a terrible person.

making over 10+ fake accounts?

You give me too much credit, saii. I had 2 discord accounts, only one of which was ever a member of the Vigilantes.

Wherever you got these stats, consider them an unreliable source.

And I only ever had 1 userecho account, the other belongs to my roomate, e%.


Both of you need to stop vigilante gaming you have gone against your word and O20 Stop provoking others


pls... all, shut up, stop arguing U.U


Instead of arguing here, you both should set up some training room, then go there, throw away your weapons and beat each other up with bare hands.



lool yeah very good idea