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More Items: Slot-Swappable Gadgets and Potions

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Before I start, a flaw with the userecho interface is that the only options are bugs, questions, and Ideas, and while this is an Idea, my last 'idea' was actually a PSA regarding the nature of the forums. So, I've taken the liberty of making another idea, and Rezoner will be the judge of weather it will be deleted or not.

So, My idea is to have a variety of different items and potions that will still occupy the same basic four item slots, which I have defined as four categories:

Defensive Potion (health potion)

Defensive Gadget (ticking mine)

Offensive Potion (haste potion)

Offensive Gadget (throwing knife)

So, new items would also fall into these categories, and would take up these slots when you've collected them. This would add a whole new branch of game strategy in the form of what loadout you carry.

Here are some items I've thought up:


Stoneskin potion- A grey potion that lasts 5 seconds, reducing all damage that you take by 0.5 hp. For example, a melee attack would do 1.5 damage, a roll/kick would do 0.5 damage, a bomb would do 5.5 damage, etc. This potion would be a good counter against unarmed opponents or wand users, as the fist attacks and ice shards would do 0 damage for the duration of the spell.

Warp potion- This bright magenta last-ditch getaway device reduces you to 0.5 HP and teleports you instantly to a random ground location on the map (except your spawn or the enemy's spawn). If you find yourself cornered and with nowhere to go, a chance of survival is better than no chance.

Freeze Potion- This icy blue elixer instantly entombs you in a block of ice for up to four seconds. While entombed, you are invincible and unmovable. You can either wait out the five seconds, or bust out of the iceblock whenever you want by pressing the attack button. You can use this potion at any time, even while knocked down or stunned, however, once you are unfrozen, you must finish the animation. This potion would counter someone who just used their haste potion to attack, or if you find yourself cornered with a ticking mine beside you.


Firebomb: This firey orange detonator has a 3-second tickdown time before covering a large area of ground with fire. The radius of the firebomb would be 10% larger than the radius of the explosive mine in the current Wilds. The fire would last for eight seconds, and do 0.5 damage every half-second you are caught in the flame.

Beartrap: This tricky device uses active camouflage to blend in with the environment around it, however, a discerning eye and alert player will pick them out. When an enemy walks over it, it deals 2.5 damage and holds them in place for three seconds before breaking. Can be destroyed with a mine or hammer special, or disarmed by an axe special. Can also be jumped over. Once caught, an opponent can still attack and block, but nothing more. If they are knocked over while caught, the bear trap breaks immediately.

Flashbang: This noisy device has a 0.75 second countdown and stuns anyone facing it in a large radius. The flashbang's radius is double that of the landmine's. People behind cover are not affected. The stun duration is 2 seconds, and while stunned, an opponent can do nothing, however, once they take any damage they are no longer stunned.


Transparency potion: This seemingly empty glass bottle lasts for six seconds once activated. The user becomes extremely transparent, and while you can still sort of see them, it is difficult to discern what they are doing, and easy to lose track of them. Burning, being knocked down, or being stunned in any way will remove the transparency, however, normal damage will not.

Summoner’s Potion: This sickly green potion spawns five goblins beside the user that only attack members of the enemy team. Summoned goblins drop nothing when killed, and will die automatically after 20 seconds.

Curse Potion: This obsidian-black plague-in-a-bottle will give the drinker the ability to disease all enemies they hit with their melee attack for six seconds. Once diseased, a player’s move speed is slowed by 30% and their vision darkens considerably. The disease effect lasts for eight seconds.


Boomerang: This wonky wooden projectile will bounce off enemies and obstacles toward other enemies, travelling as fast as an arrow and dealing 0.5 damage per hit. The boomerang does do damage if the opponent blocks, and ‘switches alliances’ if the opponent reflects it with a kick, targeting you and your allies. The boomerang can bounce 10 times before breaking, and curves very slightly (at 10 degrees/second) towards the enemy nearest it’s path.

Shuriken: Throw five ornate shuriken in a 45 degree cone. Each shuriken has a relatively small hitbox size, and does one damage on a hit. They travel as fast as arrows. Great value against a group of enemies, but won't compare to a knife in a 1v1 except at very close ranges.

Hook: This soul-crushing projectile grabs an escaping enemy and pulls them to your side. Does 0 damage, travels as fast as a knife. Get Over Here! Freshly grabbed opponents will be stunned for 0.5 seconds. The hook would have a maximum range which would be the distance one can walk in 3.5 seconds, facing forwards.

These items will appear around the map in crates, will drop from slain goblins and bears, and can be found in the good, old-fashioned ‘item spawners’ in the old desert and the 3v3 map.

IF THESE CHANGES WOULD BE ADDED, I would request that you don’t auto pick up items if you already have that slot filled.

I have tried my best to balance these items whilst also making them each unique and interesting. If you have changes or new items to suggest, please comment below!


Ok, so now we're downvoting without reading the post.

I'm pretty sure Saii literally just told expatriate he didn't want to feed the community drama on discord. Yeah, here it is:

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I have my own concerns."

Fine. If you want to do professional, i'll do professional. My priority is giving Rezoner and the rest of the community these ideas, not fighting some sort of war with Saii or the Tytanowy Janusz kid. Actually, i'm astonished that Saii has refused to stop the 'valiant clan leader' roleplay and still logs into WIlds to tell expatriate and me that the vigilantes will never fall, etc.

So can we just chill with the fake political stuff and this Tytanowy kid's feud with me? I'm sort of sick of all the roleplay and spite, I told you both, i'll do professional if you'll do professional. Are we all ten year olds? I don't think so.


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I did not downvote anything here.

Again, I'm asking you to stop using offensive language versus me and other users.


Good effort put into this post. I honestly don't get the hate around Achilles rising. Good job I would love to see more


It's okay, I deserve all the hate I get

Under review

I cannot tell you which items will be implemented - but I can tell you what are my plans towards mechanics.

1) All 4 slots will be at your disposal. You can configure in armory what items should fall there. For example if you want to be a tank it's totally legal if you decide to to carry 4 healing potions.

2) You will be able to unlock more items in armory to specialize your playstyle even further. In that case one person will see a knife to pickup but for other it will be a grenade.

I agree. This can work very good.

Do you mean that only hp potions can go where you placed them in inventory or you start with hp potions in designated areas,and when you use them everything is normal