Info about lost connection

epi 8 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 6 years ago 14

Currently everything just freezes when connection is lost.


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i want to forget about you

My game just freezes in general. It has nothing to do with my connection, it's just because I have a shitty computer.

Stop playing on cheese with a net from McDonald's.

I don't have a crap P.C., yet I do experience the occasional screen freeze. My monitor was bought in 2014 and it runs smoothly on other .io games and my screen... not old enough to be considered too old. But then again, the problem does not involve the screen. It's the internet and the processor of the entire set-up.

My monitor:

  1. Unmodified since purchase
  2. Gateway 
  3. I run on a decent internet provider service (Not comcast)
  4. I receive consistent 12 ping in North American Server. (Excluding lag spikes)

Nah, a month ago I lost a monitor what was 11 years old.. It was good for many new games like Battlefield 1.

I hate when this happens...

Mostly its in arena/browars...makes me lose rank...>:l So annoying


posting on a 2 yrs old post HAHAHA

Oh shit, I just got on mind this idea was posted TWO YEARS AGO. Fck you sheepy.

My 2003 computer handles the game with 80ms. It's not your computer