Bone Farming in Soccer Mode

JustBo 2 years ago • updated by Tytanowy Janusz 2 years ago 2

Topic of Concern: Players being able to use football/soccer mode to farm bones.

A player can do this by collecting a high amount of bones and then purposely allowing themselves to get killed, so that a person from the opposing team can collect all of their bones. Since it is easier to collect a high number of bones in soccer mode, players can exploit this for bone farming. The image above is a screenshot I took to better convey this issue. This problem concerns me, and possibly other players as well, because it is immoral method of collecting bones and can potentially destroy the competitive spirit of players that makes soccer a fun mode.

Idea for solution: Lower the maximum amount of bones that can be collected after a kill.


That solution wouldn't work cause collecting bones this way is exponential. Maybe what you mean is to put a cap on how many bones can be dropped.

Another idea for a solution: Just have the bones reset to zero after a player is killed the way it works in ruins, although that would make bones moot in football cause it would turn it into a survival game if bones was the objective. The other solution is to just have away with bones in football completely.

I'm the one who discovered this and you'll notice I posted it before Just Bo, just made the mistake of posting it in ideas instead of bugs. So don't ban me, lol. I didn't expect to get away with such a blatant exploit anyway. Just wanted to see how far it could go.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I misread your idea for the solution. Yours could work as well, but maybe it wouldn't stop the bones from cluttering the screen,.

Yup, bones should be removed from football.